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What you'll find in this prospectus:

  1. Agenda, including stream-specific sessions.

  2. Public Sector Speakers you can expect to see at the event.

  3. Sponsorship packages and inclusions, plus upgrade options.

  4. Titles and departments of those you can expect to meet at the roadshow.
Partner With Us:

1. Time-Efficient Virtual Engagement: Efficiently connect with your audience through virtual platforms, saving time and ensuring direct and impactful communication with your target demographic.

2. Generate Cost-Efficient Leads: Utilise direct communication to generate qualified leads efficiently and cost-effectively, maximising outreach and enhancing lead quality for strategic business growth.

3. Educate Key Prospects Nationwide: Scale your educational efforts to key prospects across Federal, State, and Local Governments, providing widespread knowledge dissemination for impactful engagement and collaboration.

4. Demonstrate Thought Leadership: Showcase thought leadership by informing your audience about market trends, positioning your organisation as an authoritative source in the industry.